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Victoria uses a client centred approach to tailor therapy for each individual and the unique difficulties they face. The development of a warm and authentic relationship is the basis from which Victoria works. It is from this strong base that individuals feel supported to explore unresolved suffering and to understand repeating patterns of behaviour that no longer serve them.


Coming from a clinical background Victoria has extensive training and experience in applying a range of therapies. Victoria integrates several evidence-based therapies including mindfulness-based therapies, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and emotion-focussed couples therapy. In addition, Victoria has a particular interest in psychodynamic approaches that assist individuals to overcome long-standing barriers to fulfilling relationships.


In addition to symptom reduction, Victoria's clients often report:


  • Understanding self-defeating behaviours

  • Overcoming barriers to satisfying relationships

  • Reconnecting with inner strengths and resources 

  • A greater sense of life meaning and well-being  



Clinical Supervision


Victoria is a Psychology Board of Australia approved supervisor. She provides colleagues with sensitive and professional supervision and support, tailored to the individual's professional practise goals. 


Victoria is approved to provide supervision to:

  • Principal & secondary supervision to provisional psychologists completing 4 + 2 internship

  • Principal & secondary supervision to registrars in an approved area of practice endorsement program

  • Principal & secondary supervision to provisional psychologists completing the 5 + 1 internship program

  • Supervision to provisional psychologists completing an accredited higher degree program

  • Supervision to provisional psychologists working in addition to their placements

"There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion."


Carl Gustav Jung








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